From the Bog

16 October

Three Mothers EP with Dani Mari to premier on WXPN’s The Key Halloween Eve


I’m very excited to be releasing an EP with Dani Mari based on Dario Argento ‘s horror movie trilogy The Three Mothers (Suspiria, Inferno, Mother of Tears). I put a ton of work into producing and composing the music for it in addition to playing tenor sax, bari, clarinet, bass clarinet, organ, and piano, along […]

31 August

New Music by Johnny Butler & Adam Cuthbert / Download Link


Beat and sound design by Adam Cuthbert Saxophone recorded live in real time by Johnny Butler with no overdubs or prerecorded material.

13 July

New Live at Piano’s Download Featured on Nextbop


Anthony Dean-Harris Editor-in-Chief “Last month, saxophonist Johnny Butler played a set at NYC’s Piano’s alongside trombonist Ryan Snow, bassist Aidan Carroll, and drummer Jason Nazary. They recorded a good ten minutes of their spacey, grooving set and shared it with us all for download. Check it out after the jump. Recorded live at Pianos, June […]


What people are saying.

  • DownBeat Magazine

    After dabbling with resonances from John Coltrane and Miles Davis and enveloping his processed saxophone sound in cavernous reverb, Brooklyn-based Johnny Butler turns a polyphony of overdubbed horns (triggered by laptop) into Fritz Lang’s Metropolis machine.

    - DownBeat Magazine
  • All About Jazz

    On any street corner or venue it’s possible to hear a musician playing solo saxophone, its reed-song beckoning down thoroughfares to anyone that will listen. But by putting a spin on things, it’s quite another matter to hear and see that horn wired into a laptop computer, as it provides multiphonic voices and looped patterns, fed back into music that is familiar yet ethereal. Enter saxophonist Johnny Butler.

    - All About Jazz
  • SomethingElse!

    Some jazz musicians are afraid to embrace technology with their music for fear of losing their purity. Saxophonist Johnny Butler has no such qualms. His fearless headlong dive into the joys of looping, dubbing and multi-tracking made a whole orchestra of saxophonists when all this time it was just him, spinning off musical clones of himself on the spot. As for “purity,” it’s pure, blissful sonority.

    - SomethingElse!
  • Gapplegate Guitar and Bass

    Saxman Johnny Butler’s music works because there is edgy conviction. It’s real and comes from the soul. It combines avant jazz, an electricity, rap and hip-hop elements. There’s a bit of soul-rap vocalizing. And there is Johnny Butler playing some vigorous sax.

    - Gapplegate Guitar and Bass
  • NextBop

    Butler thinks in multiple dimensions and there’s even more he could do with others involved….The new EP, Raise It Up, is a more dance/hip hop-focused album that includes more involved production, various samples, and a more hodgepodge sensibility that adds even more lushness to Butler’s repertoire.

    - NextBop
  • Step Tempest

    4 years ago, I reviewed the debut EP from saxophonist/composer Johnny Butler and really liked it, not only for its musicality but also for the risks the musician took with his music (read the review here.) Well, he’s back and raised the bar a bit higher. “Raise It Up” is a glorious mash of styles, sounds and soul music, not so much a display of technical prowess as it shows what a strong producer/arranger Johnny Butler is becoming.

    - Step Tempest