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Thirteen Dances

released Dec 13, 2020
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1. Little Creek
2. I ❤️️ NY
3. Red Shirt, White Dress
4. Noodle Face
5. Baroque
6. No Ice Cream
7. You and I
8. Sunday Stars
9. It’s Time to Go
10. Seventeen
11. Diversion
12. Magical Evergreen
13. Glinka



Using only a saxophone and a handful of electronic devices, Butler recorded all of the Thirteen Dances in real-time without the aid of samples, loopers, overdubs, or prerecorded materials. Unlike most musicians who work with dance, Butler uses a wireless microphone to move with the dancers onstage, blending the music, the dancer, and the daydream.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Juliań Picado, January-August, 2020
Artwork by MASATO
Photography by Zachary Hilty and Laurel Bear

Very special thank you to the dancers and choreographers who contributed their time and creativity to the development of these pieces: Alex Jenkins, Audrey Rachelle, Gwen Gussman, andXenia Mansour

NYC Peepshow

Through a Glass Darkly

A Musical Peepshow

December 13, 2020

Presented in partnership with 3RD ETHOS Galley

Hosted by Hans & Ava with Alex Jenkins

Light Design by Arcadian Vision and Sound

Saxophone "Mask" by Allison Dyke

Designed to be pandemic safe. Audience was told to dress warm and wear a mask.

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